LREDA was first known as the Non-Conventional Energy Cell, established as an act of the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council in 1995. In 2000 the name was changed to LREDA. One of LREDA’s first major projects (in 2001) was the installation of solar home lighting systems in villages across Ladakh, the largest project of its type ever executed in the Himalayas. LREDA was registered in 2008.

Our team

LREDA has a team of engineers and project consultants with specialist expertise in designing and building renewable energy systems in mountain environments. We are actively developing our group of young scientists and technologists, including identifying and encouraging research opportunities among our team.

What we do

Design and project planning

We identify and develop project proposals, design and implement demonstration projects in Ladakh, using wind energy, hydro power and other renewable energy sources.


We advise the State Government, Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Panchayats, Muncipal Corporations, other local bodies and semi Government agencies, and other development agencies in the District and elsewhere on all matters relating to renewable and alternative energy resources.

Research and development

We undertake our own research and in collaboration with others, including by arrangement with national and international agencies. We sponsor, coordinate and promote research programme and projects of a development nature involving development of prototypes, pilot plants and investigations in new sources of renewable and alternative energy, techno-economic, socio-economic feasibility studies and cost benefit analyses, including for as-yet undeveloped resources (for example, LREDA is pursuing investigations into utilising geothermal energy in Ladakh). We also undertake and / or sponsor studies into the environmental effects of energy generation, distribution and utilisation. Through all of our activities, we are formulating and implementing a broad-based energy conservation programme including identifying scope for conservation of energy at the sources of generation, site of distribution and /or use.

Cooperation and collaboration

We liaise with other energy agencies, institutions and associations in J&K, India and internationally. Our team provides technical, financial and other assistance for design and implementation programmes across the district.